Remarkable achievement – DECRA funding for CBNS’ Dr Nghia Truong Phuoc
Grants and Awards | November 13, 2017

We are more than delighted to announce another remarkable achievement from a CBNS member: Dr Nghia Truong Phuoc has been granted the Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) worth $367,446. The DECRA scheme is a separate element of ACR’s Discovery Program. The DECRA scheme provides more focused support for researchers and creates more opportunities for early-career researchers in both teaching and research, and research-only positions.


Dr Truong received the funding for his project Scalable synthesis of smart nanoworms with tailored properties. This project aims to develop next-generation nanomaterials that have a special worm-like shape and can intelligently respond to environmental signals. The project is expected to generate new knowledge in the area of advanced manufacturing utilising innovative approaches in nanotechnology and polymer chemistry. The anticipated outcome is an environmentally friendly technology for industrial production of high value-added nanomaterials that may ultimately have a variety of applications including, but not limited to, early diagnosis and efficient therapy of cancer. This should provide benefits to the Australian economy, environment and society.


Again, congratulations on this wonderful success!