Mediating protein interactions
Signature Project

Project Leaders

Dr Pu-Chun Ke, Professor Frank Caruso, Professor Pall Thordarson


Dr Yi (David) Ju, Ms Emily Pilkington, Dr Adam Martin


The Project

We aim to develop strategies for controlling protein and peptide structure and aggregation and understand which biological signals are important to sustain and promote cell growth in biomaterials based on peptides and proteins. Central to these aims is to better understand the mechanism that underpins protein and peptide self-assembly, folding and misfolding. The knowledge obtained from this work will be essential for developing more effective strategies against amyloid diseases and protein fouling which will be the primary focus of this project.


The Big Questions

  • How to modulate protein binding on particle surfaces through material engineering for improved delivery of nanomedicines?
  • How does the toxicity of amyloid proteins evolve with their changing physicochemical properties and environments through fibrillation and corona formation?
  • How to exploit the chirality of toxic amyloid proteins for their in vivo clearance and chiral nanoparticles?
  • What are the mechanisms and implications of amyloid protein cross-talk (e.g. amyloid beta and amylin)?


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