Development of complex cellular systems for the evaluation and characterisation of bio-nano interactions
Signature Project

Project Leaders

Professor Maria Kavallaris, Professor Benjamin Thierry


Dr Frieda Mansfeld, Dr Fran Ercole


The Project

A major challenge in the development and implementation of effective nanomedicine, is the lack of preclinical models that recapitulate the complexity of the complex cellular systems and microenvironments. Towards accelerating the development of nanotechnology strategies that target specific organ and cellular systems, we are developing the next generation of in vitro models designed to replicate physiological and biological systems relevant to the characterisation and evaluation of bio-nano interactions. Ultimately, these advanced models will guide the development of nano-based therapeutic and diagnostic strategies better tailored to specific diseases.


The Big Questions

  • How do we model multicellular systems in vitro and in vivo to use in the development of effective nano-based delivery and targeting of specific cell types?
  • How do we design in vitro models that recapitulate the complex microenvironment of both healthy and pathological tissues so that we can better model and predict the design and bioactivity of nanomaterials?
  • How do we determine the key requirements for in vitro and in vivo models that replicate multicellular systems and environments that will form the basis of testing platforms for novel nanoparticles for detection and delivery to target organs, tissues and cells?


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