Publications Database

Publication Year
Influence of Size and Shape on the Biodistribution of Nanoparticles Prepared by Polymerization-Induced Self-Assembly 2017
Cofibrillization of Pathogenic and Functional Amyloid Proteins with Gold Nanoparticles against Amyloidogenesis 2017
Lysophosphatidylcholine modulates the aggregation of human islet amyloid polypeptide 2017
Effects of Protein Corona on IAPP Amyloid Aggregation, Fibril Remodelling, and Cytotoxicity 2017
A Decade of the Protein Corona 2017
Journey to the centre of the cell: Virtual reality immersion into scientific data 2017
Controlling self-assembly of diphenylalanine peptides at high pH using heterocyclic capping groups 2017
Montmorillonite-lipid hybrid carriers for ionizable and neutral poorly water-soluble drugs: Formulation, characterization and in vitro lipolysis studies 2017
Taking the Silver Bullet Colloidal Silver Particles for the Topical Treatment of Biofilm-Related Infections 2017
NanoEHS beyond toxicity – focusing on biocorona 2017
Star Polymers Reduce IAPP Toxicity via Accelerated Amyloid Aggregation 2017
Towards Single Molecule Biosensors using Super-Resolution Fluorescence Microscopy 2017
Pair-correlation microscopy reveals the role of nanoparticle shape in intracellular transport and site of drug release 2017
Simultaneous Impedance Spectroscopy and Live Cell Fluorescence Microscopy for the Real-Time Monitoring of How Mammalian Cells Respond to Soluble and Adhesive Cues 2017
Bridging Bio-Nano Science and Cancer Nanomedicine 2017
How diseases can be targeted using nanotechnology – and why it’s difficult 2017
How diseases can be targeted using nanotechnology – and why it’s difficult 2017
Investigating the Effect of Substrate Materials on Wearable Immunoassay Performance 2017
Neurokinin 1 receptor signaling in endosomes mediates sustained nociception and is a viable therapeutic target for prolonged pain relief 2017
Implications of peptide assemblies in amyloid diseases 2017
Nanoengineering particles through template assembly 2017
Patterned poly(dopamine) films for enhanced cell adhesion 2017
Sequence-controlled methacrylic multiblock copolymers via sulfur-free RAFT emulsion polymerization 2017
Antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity and influenza virus 2017
Biofunctional metalphenolic films from dietary flavonoids 2017