Publications Database

Publication Year
The impact of conjugation position and linker chemistry on the lymphatic transport of a series of glyceride and phospholipid mimetic prodrugs 2020
Unpacking the Allee effect: determining individual-level mechanisms that drive global population dynamics 2020
Surface Patterning of Biomolecules Using Click Chemistry and Light‐Activated Electrochemistry to Locally Generate Cu(I) 2020
Dual‐peptide functionalized nanoparticles for therapeutic use 2020
Effective targeting of NAMPT in patient-derived xenograft models of high-risk pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia 2020
Revisiting cell–particle association in vitro: A quantitative method to compare particle performance 2019
Understanding the Role of Mucosal-Associated Invariant T-Cells in Non-human Primate Models of HIV Infection 2020
Lymph-directed immunotherapy – Harnessing endogenous lymphatic distribution pathways for enhanced therapeutic outcomes in cancer 2020
A comparison of chitosan, mesoporous silica and poly(lactic-co-glycolic) acid nanocarriers for optimising intestinal uptake of oral protein therapeutics 2020
“Dual-Key-and-Lock” dual drug carrier for dual mode imaging guided chemo-photothermal therapy 2020
Use of Microfluidics to Fabricate Bioerodable Lipid Hybrid Nanoparticles Containing Hydromorphone or Ketamine for the Relief of Intractable Pain 2020
Polyphenol-Based Nanoparticles for Intracellular Protein Delivery via Competing Supramolecular Interactions 2020
Catalytically Active Copper Phosphate–Dextran Sulfate Microparticle Coatings for Bioanalyte Sensing 2020
A radiolabeled drug tracing method to study neurotrophin-3 retention and distribution in the cochlea after nano-based local delivery 2020
Dynamic Electrophoretic Assembly of Metal–Phenolic Films: Accelerated Formation and Cytocompatible Detachment 2020
APEX-Gold: A genetically-encoded particulate marker for robust 3D electron microscopy 2020
Intratumoral Copper Modulates PD-L1 Expression and Influences Tumor Immune Evasion 2020
Single particle detection of protein molecules using dark-field microscopy to avoid signals from nonspecific adsorption 2020
Particle engineering enabled by polyphenol-mediated supramolecular networks 2020
Structural Transformation in Vesicles upon Hydrolysis of Phosphatidylethanolamine and Phosphatidylcholine with Phospholipase C 2020
Multifunctional drug carrier on the basis of 3d-4f Fe/La-MOFs for drug delivery and dual-mode imaging 2020
A 3D bioprinter specifically designed for the high-throughput production of matrix-embedded multicellular spheroids 2020
Electrostatic Regulation of TEMPO Oxidation by Distal Molecular Charges 2020
Elliptical supra-cellular topographies regulate stem cells migratory pattern and osteogenic differentiation 2020
Engineering Organic/Inorganic Nanohybrids through RAFT Polymerization for Biomedical Applications 2020
Block and Lock HIV Cure Strategies to Control the Latent Reservoir 2020
Effect of Chain-End Chemistries on the Efficiency of Coupling Antibodies to Polymers Using Unnatural Amino Acids 2020
Controlling the Biological Fate of Micellar Nanoparticles: Balancing Stealth and Targeting 2020
Sustained absorption of delamanid from lipid-based formulations as a path to reduced frequency of administration 2020
Dihydrolevoglucosenone (Cyrene™) as a bio-renewable solvent for Cu(0)wire-mediated reversible deactivation radical polymerization (RDRP) without external deoxygenation 2020
Antibody-dependent enhancement and SARS-CoV-2 vaccines and therapies 2020
Enteric Glia Modulate Macrophage Phenotype and Visceral Sensitivity following Inflammation 2020
A safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetic study of a novel simvastatin silica-lipid hybrid formulation in healthy male participants 2020
A molecular sensor to quantify the localization of proteins, DNA and nanoparticles in cells 2020
Ca 2+ Release via IP 3 Receptors Shapes the Cardiac Ca 2+ Transient for Hypertrophic Signaling 2020
Metal-Phenolic Coatings as a Platform to Trigger Endosomal Escape of Nanoparticles 2019
Sequencing B cell receptors from ferrets (Mustela putorius furo) 2020
Fc functional antibody responses to adjuvanted versus unadjuvanted seasonal influenza vaccination in community-dwelling older adults 2020
An Inflammatory Story: Antibodies in Tuberculosis Comorbidities 2019
Serum IgA Fc effector functions in infectious disease and cancer 2019
Interfacial Assembly of Metal–Phenolic Networks for Hair Dyeing 2020
Dissecting the Intracellular Signalling and Fate of a DNA Nanosensor by Super Resolution and Quantitative Microscopy 2020
Programmable Permeability of Metal–Phenolic Network Microcapsules 2020
Protein Component of Oyster Glycogen Nanoparticles: An Anchor Point for Functionalization 2020
Cellular Interactions of Liposomes and PISA Nanoparticles during Human Blood Flow in a Microvascular Network 2020
Amyloidosis inhibition, a new frontier of the protein corona 2020
Increasing the Formation of Active Sites on Highly Crystalline Co Branched Nanoparticles for Improved Oxygen Evolution Reaction Electrocatalysis 2020
Controlling Pt Crystal Defects on the Surface of Ni–Pt Core–Shell Nanoparticles for Active and Stable Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction 2020
High-resolution light-activated electrochemistry on amorphous silicon-based photoelectrodes 2020
Harnessing silicon facet-dependent conductivity to enhance the direct-current produced by a sliding Schottky diode triboelectric nanogenerator 2020
A diverse view of science to catalyse change 2020
The impact of size and charge on the pulmonary pharmacokinetics and immunological response of the lungs to PLGA nanoparticles after INTRATRACHEAL administration to rats 2020
The protective potential of Fc‐mediated antibody functions against influenza virus and other viral pathogens 2020
Distinct systems serology features in children, elderly and COVID patients 2020
Template‐Mediated Assembly of DNA into Microcapsules for Immunological Modulation 2020
Low-fouling Fluoropolymers for Bioconjugation and In Vivo Tracking 2020
Innate and Adaptive Anti-SIV Responses in Macaque Semen: Implications for Infectivity and Risk of Transmission 2020
High CD26 and Low CD94 Expression Identifies an IL-23 Responsive Vδ2+ T Cell Subset with a MAIT Cell-like Transcriptional Profile 2020
Self-assembling influenza nanoparticle vaccines drive extended germinal center activity and memory B cell maturation 2020
What can gamma delta T cells contribute to an HIV cure? 2020
Next‐Generation Polymeric Nanomedicines for Oncology: Perspectives and Future Directions 2020
Lymphatic targeting by albumin-hitchhiking: Applications and optimisation 2020
Photo‐Degradable Micelles Capable of Releasing of Carbon Monoxide under Visible Light Irradiation 2020
Poly(2-isopropenyl-2-oxazoline) – A Structural Analogue to Poly(vinyl azlactone) with Orthogonal Reactivity 2020
A liposome-micelle-hybrid (LMH) oral delivery system for poorly water-soluble drugs: Enhancing solubilisation and intestinal transport 2020
Distribution of Particles in Human Stem Cell-Derived 3D Neuronal Cell Models: Effect of Particle Size, Charge, and Density 2020
The effect of drug ionization on lipid-based formulations for the oral delivery of anti-psychotics 2020
Accelerated Amyloid Beta Pathogenesis by Bacterial Amyloid FapC 2020
Live Confocal Imaging of Zebrafish Notochord Cells Under Mechanical Stress In Vivo 2020
In vivo cell biological screening identifies an endocytic capture mechanism for T-tubule formation 2020
Porous Nanostructure, Lipid Composition, and Degree of Drug Supersaturation Modulate In Vitro Fenofibrate Solubilization in Silica-Lipid Hybrids 2020
The importance of reflecting on treatment and post-treatment care when assessing the social aspects of cosmetic nanomedicine and transdermal delivery system 2020
Hyperbranched Poly(2-oxazoline)s and Poly(ethylene glycol): A Structure–Activity Comparison of Biodistribution 2020
Rapid Gel Card Agglutination Assays for Serological Analysis Following SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Humans 2020
Tuning Cellular Interactions of Carboxylic Acid-Side-Chain-Containing Polyacrylates: The Role of Cyanine Dye Label and Side-Chain Type 2020
Humoral and circulating follicular helper T cell responses in recovered patients with COVID-19 2020
Evaluating the sensing performance of nanopore blockade sensors: A case study of prostate-specific antigen assay 2020
Endosomal signaling of delta opioid receptors is an endogenous mechanism and therapeutic target for relief from inflammatory pain 2020
Targeting immune cells within lymph nodes 2020
Lipid Compositions in Infant Formulas Affect the Solubilization of Antimalarial Drugs Artefenomel (OZ439) and Ferroquine during Digestion 2020
Half a century of amyloids: past, present and future 2020
Polyphenol-Mediated Assembly for Particle Engineering 2020
Nanomaterials synthesis, an enabler of amyloidosis inhibition against human diseases 2020
In Vitro Performance and Chemical Stability of Lipid-Based Formulations Encapsulated in a Mesoporous Magnesium Carbonate Carrier 2020
High Density Lipoprotein Composition Influences Lymphatic Transport After Subcutaneous Administration 2020
Cellular Interactions of Liposomes and PISA Nanoparticles during Human Blood Flow in a Microvascular Network 2020
Engineering PLGA–Lipid Hybrid Microparticles for Enhanced Macrophage Uptake 2020
Functionalized Silicon Electrodes in Electrochemistry 2020
Increasing the formation of active sites on highly crystalline co branched nanoparticles for improved oxygen evolution reaction electrocatalysis 2020
Copolymeric Micelles Overcome the Oral Delivery Challenges of Amphotericin B 2020
Oral delivery of protein-based therapeutics: Gastroprotective strategies, physiological barriers and in vitro permeability prediction 2020
Sulfoxide‐Containing Polymer‐Coated Nanoparticles Demonstrate Minimal Protein Fouling and Improved Blood Circulation 2020
Predicting population extinction in lattice-based birth–death–movement models 2020
Enhancing the oral bioavailability of simvastatin with silica-lipid hybrid particles: The effect of supersaturation and silica geometry 2020
Polyphenol‐Mediated Assembly of Proteins for Engineering Functional Materials 2020
Nanoengineering multifunctional hybrid interfaces using adhesive glycogen nanoparticles 2020
Particle-mediated delivery of frataxin plasmid to a human sensory neuronal model of Friedreich’s ataxia 2020
Surface Modification of Spider Silk Particles to Direct Biomolecular Corona Formation 2020
Elevated Amyloidoses of Human IAPP and Amyloid Beta by Lipopolysaccharide and Their Mitigation by Carbon Quantum Dots 2020
Immunogenic profile of SARS-CoV-2 spike in individuals recovered from COVID-19 2020