Predicting bio-nano interactions
Signature Project

Project Leaders

Professor Stephen Kent, Professor Edmund Crampin


Dr Mattias Björnmalm, Dr Adam Wheatley, Dr Matt Faria


The Project

Understanding how materials and cells interact will be key to the future development of improved nanomedicines and vaccines. We aim to understand the rules by which immune cells interact with a range of nanoengineered particle systems with tailored physical properties. The combined effects of size, charge, surface chemistry and other physicochemical characteristics will be studied for their effect on particle interactions with a wide range of immune cells.


The Big Questions

  • How does simultaneously varying 2, 3 or more physicochemical characteristics of nanoparticles influence their interactions with immune cells in vitro and in vivo?
  • Are there trends in how nanoparticle characteristics affect immune cell interactions, that can be generalised across multiple particle technologies?
  • Can we standardise the way in which nanoparticle-cell interactions are studied, such that we can generate predictive algorithms for these interactions?


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