Nano challenges and opportunities in cancer
Signature Project

Project Leaders

Professor Maria Kavallaris, Professor Benjamin Thierry


Dr Frieda Mansfeld, Dr Fran Ercole


The Project

A major challenge in the development and implementation of effective cancer nanomedicine, is the lack of preclinical models that recapitulate the complexity of the tumour microenvironment and metastatic process. Towards accelerating the development of nanotechnology strategies that target drug resistant and metastatic cancers, we are designing in vitro and in vivo models that will provide significant new insights about the metastatic dissemination process, phenotypical evolution and resistance to treatment. Ultimately, these advanced models will guide the development of nano-based therapeutic and diagnostic strategies better tailored to specific diseases.


The Big Questions

  • How do we model the pathophysiology of drug resistant disease and use this to develop effective nano-based delivery and targeting of cancer cells?
  • How do we design in vitro models to recapitulate the complex metastatic features of cancer cells in order to determine the molecular
    and cellular basis of the disease?
  • How do we determine the key requirements for in vitro and in vivo models of drug resistant metastatic disease that will form the basis of testing platforms for novel nanoparticles for treatment and detection?


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