Spray Dried Smectite Clay Particles as a Novel Treatment against Obesity
Publications | April 10, 2019

CBNS member Ms Tahnee Dening, of CBNS CI Professor Clive Prestidge’s group at UniSA, has published a paper investigating the effects of montmorillonite – a natural clay material, purified from dirt and laponite (a synthetic clay) in rats fed a high-fat diet, comparing against placebo and a leading weight-loss drug – orlistat. Monitoring over a two-week period, Tahnee found that while both the engineered clay formulations and orlistat delivered weight loss effects, the clay material outperformed the drug. The findings offer new insights for obesity and weight-management, particularly when used in combination with the commercial drug, where there is potential for synergy.

The results concluded that spray dried smectite clay particles (SD-MMT and SD-LAP) with significant adsorptive capacities for dietary lipids and digestion products were successfully fabricated. These particles may be developed as novel anti-obesity treatments with fewer adverse effects than currently marketed treatment options.

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