Student Travel Award – Apply now!
Grants and Awards | April 17, 2018

The CBNS will once again be offering one $1000 Student Travel Award per node for PhD and Masters students to use towards travel for their research projects. Applications for the CBNS Student Travel Awards are now open and will close on 30 April 2018.

Get inspired and read the stories of our recipients how they used the 2017 Student Travel Award to further their research, providing an insight on what can be achieved with the help of the Student Travel Award.


Manish Sriram, UNSW

Manish is a PhD student is working in CBNS CI Professor Justin Gooding’s group at UNSW. He is working on the development of digital biosensors to improve disease detection.

In order to be able to attend an international conference, Manish needed additional funding. The Student Travel Award was a good opportunity for him to cover the funding gap. “The application process was fairly straightforward and I liked its simplicity”, Manish states. He received his award together with four PhD students from our other nodes during the 2017 CBNS Annual Research Workshop.

Manish used the Student Travel Award to go to the Pittcon Conference in Orlando, USA this year. “This conference was great as it gave me the chance to see a lot of field-leading researchers talk about their current work. I got to discuss biosensing strategies with some very smart researchers.”, he says. Pittcon is a very large conference with more than thousand delegates and bigger than any conference Manish has been to so far. During his poster presentation, he was able to discuss his work with a variety of people from both academia and industry. Additionally, there was even some commercial interest in his research. In addition to attending the conference, he took the chance to visit his family in North Carolina and also went to Miami for a few days.

“This award enabled me to travel to Orlando to attend this conference, an opportunity I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I was able to discuss certain aspects of my work and this will allow me to explore different approaches to my work”, Manish explains. We asked him if he recommended applying for the 2018 Student Travel Award: “Definitely. First, it’s a great opportunity to have. Secondly, why not?”


Quynh Mai, Monash

Quynh is a PhD student working on CBNS CI Professor Chris Porter’s group at Monash.

During the last year of her PhD, Quynh was hoping to attend an international conference to network and look for future job opportunities. However, the Monash International Travel Grant did not completely cover the cost of the conference. Therefore, she decided to apply for the Centre’s Student Travel Award to support the remaining travel and conference costs.

Quynh used this award to go to the USA for her lab visits to the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and to the Northwestern University in Chicago. At UCSF she worked in Assistant Professor Dr Roshanak Irannejad’s lab and at the Northwestern University, she visited Professor Nathan Gianneschi’s lab. There, she was able to tour the lab, present her work and discuss possible collaborations/future projects.

She also attended the GPCR workshop in Hawaii where she learned about recent advancements from the researchers at the forefront of the field. The conference was also a great opportunity to network. “I was fortunate enough to have some personal travel time to explore each of the lab visit locations and some of the Hawaiian islands.”, Quynh says.

“This experience furthered my research by allowing me to discuss my project and ideas for possible collaborations”. Quynh is also proud to announce that this experience “furthered my career as it helped me secure a position at UCSF for my first post-doc”.

She would definitely recommend students to apply for this Student Travel Award: “It only required a small commitment of time to apply and ended up being incredibly rewarding.”


Eager to apply? Get the guidelines and application forms and submit them to CBNS Centre Manager Dr Natalie Jones.