Supramolecular reaches over 100 Scopus citations
Press Release | June 19, 2019

Supramolecular is cited over 100 times in Scopus…

The Open Data Fit project is creating a portfolio of websites that bring together tools and information of relevance to CBNS as well as the wider international research community. The project focuses on what we call small-scale data, i.e. the small data sets that are the bread-and-butter of research in bio-nanoscience research, ranging from kinetic measurements (kinetics) and small-angle scattering curves (nanoparticle characterisation) to cell viability measurements (IC50 for drug treatments).

The goal of the Open Data Fit is, therefore, to shine a light on small-scale dark data and transform the way scientists share these datasets. To this end, the project was designed to assist researchers with their everyday work while at the same time capturing the raw data for effective sharing. The web portal allows the end-user scientist to upload their data and then perform data fit (analysis) on these datasets, while at the same time capturing the raw data, the analysis method and the data analysis results simultaneously in an open-access database.

A very memorable milestone for Professor Pall Thordarson and his team.